Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding The Perfect Hat

The process of picking out the perfect hat is to identify the type of face you have. The illustration below shows you what type of face shape you have. Most face shapes are derived from the cheekbones and the jaw line. Sometimes the forehead will have a factor in the shape also. Some people may fall within two different face shapes, so you would select the face shape that is most dominant. I tend to have the oval face. Which most designers say is perfect for almost any style. Yes, I have tried on many different shapes of hats and most do look cute on me. Yet, it is that touch thing again.

So to decide which face shape you have, sit in front of a mirror and pull back your hair with your hand or headband. Look at the forehead, cheekbones and jaw line. Try to focus on what you consider your best feature. Some people have divine eyes, lips or cheekbones. You can play these up when choosing your hat shape.

The next step is to measure your head size. It is simple, but you may need another person to help. You can use either a tape measure or string. Wrap the tape measure around the circumference of your head just above the ears. Where the tape measure meets is your head circumference. If you are using a string, do the same thing and after you find the meeting place, measure the string on a flat ruler. Make sure you also measure from the crown to the ear level. This makes sure you have the correct hat base size. Unless, you are looking for the 10-gallon hat effect, you want a hat that is proportioned to your head. The crown is the soft part of the skull is usually located at the top back part of the head.

Most people tend to fall within the 21 – 23 inch range. The hat should fit snuggly, not constricting.

U.S. Hat Size: 6 – 5/8
Metric: 53
Inches: 20- 3/4 

U.S. Hat Size: 6 – ¾ to 6 – 7/8
Metric: 54- 55
Inches: 21 – 1/8 to 21 – 1/2 

U.S. Hat Size: 7 to 7 – 1/8
Metric: 56- 57
Inches: 21 – 7/8 to 22 – 1/4

U.S. Hat Size: 7 – 1/4 to 7 – 3/8
Metric: 58 - 59
Inches: 22 – 5/8 to 23 

U.S. Hat Size: 7 – 1/2 to 7 – 5/8
Metric: 60 - 61
Inches: 23 – 1/2 to 23 – 7/8

U.S. Hat Size: 7 – 3/4 to 7 – 7/8
Metric: 62 - 63
Inches: 24 to 24 5/8 

Now you are ready to start picking out hat styles. There are a few different styles to choose. A few of the more popular ones are the beanie, wide brim, cloche (flapper style), turban, bucket shape and floppy.

“Do you have angular facial features or rounded ones? Choosing a hat should also depend on your brow, cheekbone and nose shape as well as your jaw line. 

If you have soft features, choose a hat with angles and symmetry. If you have angular features, a hat with softer lines will balance the angles of your face. Although a large nose will look smaller with a softer, wider hat, a large brim will dwarf a small or narrow chin.” 

Round Face Shape 

If your face shape is round, an angular shape hat will add contrast to the roundness of the face. In addition, hats with a tall base and shallow crown and wide brim are great choices. With the round face you want do not want to accent the roundness, so keeping a hat away from the face helps to open the face.

Triangular or Square Face 

This face shape works best with hats shapes that accentuate the cheekbones or elongates the face. You also want a hat that sits higher on the forehead. A hat that has a more rounded shape.

Long or Elongated Face 

For women with this face shape, you need to “go bold or go home”. Go with a wide brim hat and a crown that is taller. The wider and floppier the better.

Hat shapes corresponding to face shape (

~Sophia Varnava
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