Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tip and a little something new

Hi all!  

So your fearless leaders have been chatting.  It's what we do.  And we come up with ideas to keep you interested, involved, and happy to be here!  One thing we are going to be doing is sharing tips weekly from our field of  expertise.  Not that any of us are complete expertise- we each are learning daily, so today I am going to do two tips for you.

The first is that if you ever think you are done learning, you could NOT be more wrong.  Learning is the most important thing you will do, and you will continue to do so until the day you die.  I knew a lady who told me once that she knew everything there was to know about her job.  It was a job that I enjoyed, but I was moving, so she was there after I quit.  I found out that about a month after I moved she was fired. She no longer works in that field... chances are that she didn't want to learn anymore and found that suddenly her career stopped.  Do not ever, ever stop learning.

The second tip is fro my field, or at least the field that my shop is in.  I do bath, body, and beauty stuff.  This is something I do on occasion because I have a LOT of hair.  I'm growing it out and it's thick.  Seriously- I could probably provide about 500 bald men with wigs.  Well, when you have that much hair, it's not very subtle if you are having a bad hair day.  One deep conditioner that's completely all natural, and smells amazing, is coconut oil.  I get mine at Trader Joes.  

This kind of oil is a liquid when it's warm, but in room temperature it's more of a butter consistency.  I like to put extra on the ends of my hair, and less on the roots, because it can make your hair greasy if you use too much.

Leave it on your hair for as long as you'd like.  Do at least 15 minutes, but you can leave it on up to an hour if you want.  When you wash it out, it's going to make your tub a bit slippery, so be careful.  You will also want to wash your hair after because it'll be oily, but it'll add some good shine and softness to your hair.  Try it!!!

More fun ideas will be coming your way, and tips from other smart people.  Thanks for hanging out with us, and thanks for sharing your days with us!  We know that we are not the ordinary team, one that just talks about how to increase sales and promote ourselves.  Yes, we want everyone to succeed, and we are here to help in any way, but we are also here to help in your life :)  

Along that path... we are going to be having a weekly (more or less depending on the response) "Dear Crafty" blog post.  You can ask questions about anything.  Question about sewing?  Sure.  Question about where to get the best supplies?  Sure.  Question about why you are craving chocolate all the time?  Sure?  There really isn't a limit.  If something is deemed inappropriate, it may not be used, and as the leaders, we have a right to make that decision.  It will all be anonymous- the writer and the responder- so feel free to open up.  As  mentioned, our group may not be the same as many others, but we are here for you.  So, if you have a question, e-mail it to and we will find you an answer, or help send you in the right direction!!